CoinPayments - Officially Our Cryptocurrency Processor (3/25/18)

We are proud to announce that CoinPayments has officially been selected as the payment processor for all Bitcoin, SativaCoin, and other altcoin payments. We hope to streamline the checkout process for all of our cryptocurrency customers and make shopping our site a breeze!


Here are the coins we currently accept (Updated 3/25/18):
Bitcoin - BTC
BlackCoin - BLK
Dash - DASH
Decred - DCR
DogeCoin - DOGE
Ether Classic - ETC
Ether - ETH
Expanse - EXP
GridCoin - GRC
Komodo - KMD
MaidSafeCoin - MAID
Monero - XMR 
NavCoin - NAV
NameCoin - NMC
Nexus - NXS
Omni - OMNI
Posw Coin - POSW
PotCoin - POT
Peercoin - PPC
Ripple - XRP
Steem Dollars - SBD
Steem - STEEM
SativaCoin - STV
Syscoin - SYS
TetherUSD - USDT
VertCoin - VERT
ZCash - ZEC
*Cryptocurrency you're looking for not listed? Comment below or contact us - as long as the coin you are looking for is CoinPayments-integrated, then we'll do our best to accept it! 


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Dominik Knott

Dominik Knott

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