Weedstagram: 10 Accounts To Follow
When you're sitting around and passing time, browsing on social media, it's worth looking into the world of cannabis on Instagram. From independent creators and influencers to smoking brands and growers, here are 10 accounts you should be following to saturate your feed with great cannabis vibes. 

1. The Weed Tube


The Weed Tube is a collaborative effort between multiple creators who regularly used Youtube as a platform to share their experiences and rep their cannabis lifestyle. When Youtube started cracking down on cannabis-related videos, this team sprung into action and created a platform where cannabis fanatics and daily tokers can share videos and interact with others in the community.

2. Leafly

Well known as a go-to resource for all things cannabis related, Leafly's Instagram account highlights trends in cannabis culture, beautiful images, and alternative methods for cannabis consumption. The team at Leafly is regularly blogging about politics related to marijuana and offers fantastic resources for finding a dispensary close to you.

3. Alpine Collective

// You might have a fortune, but you lose me, you still gonna be misfortunate \\

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Hannah Dewitt from The Alpine Collective is on our list of top accounts to follow for an obvious reason--her images are gorgeous! Alpine_Collective highlights daily cannabis use with a mix of creative photography and presents an account that you'll always find yourself browsing through when it pops up on your feed. If you're as much of a fan of nature as you are cannabis, give this account a follow.


4. PAXvapor

Known for their ultramodern vaporizer technology, PAXvvapor gives social media users an opportunity to view their products and recommendations from other device users via their Instagram account. Their dry-herb devices are the main feature of this account, and if you haven't tried one out, this page might just give you the needed push-to-shove.

5. StonerGirlDiary

We have some SGD tunes ready for your Friday night sesh.

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Stoner Girl Diary aims to break stoner stereotypes and create down-to-earth content to watch and enjoy. Their profile is a mix of music, vlogs, and relatable dank memes that any cannabis connoisseur can relate to. Curated by a group of friends out of Wynwood, Florida, this account is one you should check out ASAP.

6. ArendRichard

Arend Richard is well known as one of the co-founders of The Weed Tube. His videos are consistently uploaded as a vlog of his day-to-day life, and experiences as a regular stoner. If you need a good laugh, this account will not let you down. Aside from his smoking vids, he's regularly live streaming and collaborating with high-profile accounts. Keep an eye on this guy, he's sure to keep you entertained.


Don’t be mad cause I’m smooth puffin zig zags 🌬

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Haute Smokes is a manufacturer of high-end smoking extensions and fumettes for the choosy smoker. Their product line is elegantly featured in their Instagram account, with gorgeous models showing off the products. Sidenote: While their Instagram account is absolutely worth a follow, their products are actually fantastic at keeping your fingers from getting burned. Check them out!


The Pursuits Of Happiness is a manufacturer of hand-made ceramic smoking devices and artwork. Their pieces range from artistic conversation starters to practical everyday pipes. Their Insta account features bright, and artsty photography, clever art, and unique pieces. If you haven't given them a look, follow the account. You'll be glad you did. Each piece is made to be an art piece as much as a daily use device!

9. GreenValleyCollectiveNoHo

We've got enough to go around 💚💛❤️ #comesayhigh

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Green Valley Collective in North Hollywood, CA, is proud to show their stock of medical marijuana and supplies off on Instagram. This account highlights some of the best devices and strains on the market today, and offers great advice forconsumptionn. While their shop is located in SoCal, their Instagram page is one of the best dispensary pages we've seen yet.


10. TopShelfToker

You know our brand from shopping on Top Shelf Toker, but have you followed us on Instagram? We regularly post links to articles related about cannabis legalization, lifestyle, and highlight new merchandise when it arrives in-store! Give us a follow--we'll follow you back!



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